the heart of the country  

Cashmere Goats

Ridge Grazers

Cashmere goats have been grazing our pastures since 2011.  Adults goats are bred in the fall, the does are 5 months pregnant and the kids are born in the spring of the new year. The kids will amaze you time and again, being so active and jumping around minutes after birth! We currently sell the kids but in the future hope to explore the option of harvesting the cashmere. Cashmere goats are a double coated animal. Their outer layer consists of coarse guard hairs, the undercoat is the soft and precious cashmere.

Locally Grown Hops

Lumberjack, Cascade, Cashmere

Saar Bank Farms aims to provide the highest quality BC grown hops for local brewers. It all starts on the farm. The gentle care of the plants, careful harvest, precise processing and the overriding concern for quality are all themes that align completely with the craft beer community. 12 acres of three hop varieties were planted west of Saar Creek. Four acres each of Lumberjack, Cascade and Cashmere hops. Saar Bank Farms partnered with Valley Hops for planning, installation, crop management, and harvest, to bring locally grown hops back to the valley. Fertile soil, sun, water, and gentle breezes contribute to one of the best hop growing environments in the Pacific North West. If visiting Saar Bank Farms feel free to ask for a tour and become educated and inspired. 

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