the heart of the country  

We offer more then just fresh locally grown products. 

Our CSA offers Security, Peace of Mind, and Sense of Community

No room for a garden? Looking for garden fresh produce? We grow a diverse variety of produce, herbs, and fruit that we hand pick just for you, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We invite you, the consumer, to partner with us in enjoying God's abundant blessing through fresh and tasty farm products! Our aim is to provide you with fresh locally grown in-season produce, herbs, and flowers all grown in a sustainable manner. 

Weather permitting, the 12-16 week program will commence in early July. 

You can join our program weekly, bi-weekly or one time pick-up. 

How to Participate 

Call or email us TODAY
join our  CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) box program. Saar Bank Farms will provide you with weekly selection of fresh produce. Registration for the 2021 season will open in March 2021

What to Expect 

Fresh Weekly Produce
Your produce will be hand picked  in a 'shopping' bin size container which will hold a $22 value of produce.  Your box will be made up of garden produce such as lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers,  beans, peas, corn rhubarb, squash, onions etc. We will also include local, seasonal berries and a variety of herbs as well. (Please contact us for a full list of our grown produce.

Weekly Pick-Up

Hand Picked/Ready to Go

We will hand pick, and prepare a custom box weekly or bi-weekly for 12-16 weeks. 

Weekly: ($22.00/box)

Bi-Weekly: ($22.00/box)

Produce will be ready for pick-up every Friday.

One Stop Shop

Produce on Demand
If you prefer to have produce when you need it:

Produce can be prepared for you. Please email and let us know what we can prepare for you. 

Why Join Our CSA?

Community Shared Agriculture allows a 'personal farmer' to grow and provide for your family's food needs. 

  • It allows and fosters the building of loyalty between farmer and consumer 
  • Have a favorite or preferred veggie, with CSA you can let us know, and we can grow your favourite produce.
  • Through our CSA Program you, the consumer are assured to the best and nourishing farm grown food products. 
  • Not only do you get to know who is growing your food, but also, how it is grown. 
  • Knowing that there is commitment from the consumer to help support local food production, brings security to the land producing the food, and allows for long term planning.
  • You can count on a regular consistent, and timely delivery of safe nutrious, tasty and responsibly produced food, which is not always readily available in today's globalized food-system.
  • There is always an opportunity to step away form the daily demands and stresses of life, and visit the farm which produces your food