the heart of the country  


Our Story

How it all started 

The Vanderlinde family has farmed this property since 1960. Harm and Magdalene took over the property in 1991 and as Saar Creek weaves through the farm Harm thought it fitting to name it Saar Bank Farms. This is where our farming story begins.

Hog Producers 

When Harm took over the farm in 1991, he decided that he wanted to convert the barns from a dairy farm to a hog farm as the opportunity seemed promising. So in 1991, he found a supply of wiener pigs and started the farm business of finishing pigs for market. Operations were small in the early years but as production grew a need arose for more space. A new barn was built  in the year 2000 that was tailor made for raising healthy, happy pigs. The farm continued to grow and this barn was further expanded in 2006 to meet that need. The Vanderlindes admit that not all of their years on the farm have been good years and as a result the last market pigs were sold in July 2016.

Event Venue 

It all started in 2002 when a friend requested to have her wedding on the farm. The beautiful rustic hayloft has hosted over 100 events in the past years. In 2012 our hayloft was shut down due to building requirements for assembly use.  With Saar Bank Farms ability to offer a unique experience in a beautiful rural setting we have once again opened our farm for special occasions and would be honoured to host your upcoming event. 

Cashmere Goats 

Since our fields border the Saar Creek and the house is located on a ridge, we looked for an option to keep the hill mowed and our search led us to Cashmere goats in Pemberton, originally from Alberta. We bought one buck and three does and received two wethers as a bonus in the summer of 2011. Since then the flock and pastures are continually growing. In the future  hope to expand and explore the option of harvesting the cashmere.  We care for our animals daily to ensure the consideration of the animals’ welfare and providing quality products for consumers.


In the past our family regularly participated in Chilliwack's school garden program. The kids were eager to help with the garden prep, seeding and harvesting. As for the weeding, hmm...not so much. Yet, as vegetables were harvested, every family member enjoyed the fresh taste of homegrown produce - the rewards of our labour.

Some of our kids are now married, and others are still busy discovering their place in the world. The school garden has become a thing of the past. However, their memory of the fresh produce and its delicious taste has not been forgotten. In the spring of 2013 we experimented with raised garden beds, using a commercial garden blend soil mixture.

With the promising results of this gardening method (and the minimal weeding!) we were encouraged to do it again, but this time on a much larger scale.

Our aim is to provide you with fresh and tasty produce grown in a sustainable manner. We are not organic but do grow our produce according to organic principles.

We invite you, as consumer, to partner with us and share in our harvest.


Growing hops on Saar Bank Farms started in the spring of 2017. Inspired by the great traditions of hop production throughout the Fraser Valley, Saar Bank Farms partnered with Valley Hops for planning, installation, crop management, and harvest, to bring locally grown hops back to the valley. Fertile soil, sun, water, and gentle breezes contribute to one of the best hop growing environments in the Pacific North West.